The Department of Painting, which gave its first graduates in 2015, conducts an art education with an interactive interdisciplinary approach in the context of three-dimensional design, original printmaking, graphic arts, and theoretical knowledge of arts with experienced staff. Students who graduated from our department have been educated to the extent that they can make unique paintings. They have the knowledge about the history and the present of art. They are well equipped with knowledge of art history, art philosophy and contemporary art. Our graduates can continue their lives as freelance painters, educators in both public and private institutions by taking training, qualified staff in various fields of art market and as academicians in universities by carrying out the required procedures.

Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University Fine Arts Faculty The Department of Painting aims to raise sensitive, knowledgeable and well-equipped young artists who are equipped with contemporary, modern and realistic qualities in the field of art, will contribute to the social and cultural development of our country and has developed creative qualities that are worthy of biennials, national and international competitions and scholarships.

The Department of Painting aims to be an effective department in the field of painting in the city of Bolu which is located between Ankara and İstanbul which are considered as center of art in Turkey, in line with its goal to becoming a respected and preferred department at the national and international level with its creative activities in the field of painting, community service, education and research, adapting to the changes and developments in the 21st century, provides world-class, quality education and training and provides sustainable interaction between international academic institutions through knowledge, technology and art, and aims to be known in said environments.

- The loyalty to the republican values of Ataturk’s Turkey
- Esthetic sensitivity;
- Social sensitivity;
- To value people, the environment and culture;
- To centralize the student and creativity process in education;
- Diligence and productivity;
- Interdisciplinary approach;
- Being open to sharing and cooperation;
- Academic and artistic freedom;
- Equal approach to all humans and humanistic situations without regard to gender, religion, language, race and nationality

Prof.Dr Hakkı Engin GİDERER
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Melek AKYÜREK ABUT
Asst.Prof. Birsen GİDERER
Asst.Prof.Dr. Özden GEZER OĞUZ
Asst.Prof. Erdem OĞUZ
Lect. Emrah SEZER
Res.Asst. Nurtaç ULUTÜRK
Res.Asst. Deniz GÜNDÜZ