Department of Music at Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University Faculty of Fine Arts opened first under the name of “Department of Musicology” in 2008. Nine years after its foundation, in 2017, the department became active when the first academic staff was taken. The founding chair of the department is Prof. Dr. Nesrin KALYONCU (2017) and in 2017 she started to work for the construction of the department. In this context, an attempt was taken for the structure of the department and its divisions. 2019 the name of the department was changed to “Department of Music”, and 2020, a new proposal was made to open two divisions, both artistic and scientific, under the Department of Music; by the decision of Higher Education Council of Turkey on 13.05.2020, two divisons were opened namely “Division of Musicology” and “Division of Music Performance”. Division of Musicology started education by taking its first students in the 2020-2021 academic year. It is planned to take students in the coming years to the Division of Music Performance.

In the Department of Music, located in the Faculty of Fine Arts in BAİBU Gölköy Campus, in addition to the basic classrooms there are one small concert hall, three multi-purpose halls, two classrooms and a studio planned for music technology lessons, a computer lab for educational, artistic and scientific activities. Besides, a reading room/music library and 20 studios where students can do individual performance. Also, within the Izzet Baysal Cultur Center and Congress Center complexes belonging to our university, there are seven halls of various sizes where academic staff and students can exhibit their artistic/scientific performances.

The mission, vision and values of the Music Department, valid for 2019-2023 Strategic Plan Period of BAİBÜ, are presented below.



To contribute to the trained manpower that needs in the field of music in our country and to the knowledge of the field through scientific researches by completing the infrastructure preparations of the department in terms of academic staff and educational material, and by providing qualified education at the undergraduate and graduate level.



Contribute to the contemporary intellectual and methodological discussions of music discipline and belong to the qualified music programs of Turkey, while the knowledge of the field of music carries into the future.



  • Acceptance of equality of music cultures
  • Adopting genres and practices of music at local, national and international levels without discrimination
  • Openness and tolerance to different musical phenomena
  • Commitment to scientific methods and ethical principles in music research
  • Respect on the fundamental rights of participants and subjects in experimental music studies
  • Academic freedom, responsibility and transparency in music research
  • Student centred and contemporary education
  • Cooperation within values such as institutional affiliation, sharing work and participation