Ceramics Department

Ceramics Department, which started its education life in 2011, is among the important institutions providing education in this field with its young and dynamic academic staff. A contemporary sense of art is adopted in which design, production and technology are synthesized. The thought that forms the basis of the education curriculum; Apart from the traditional and widespread use of ceramics, it
is an art discipline where artistic and original works are produced. Art and design applications, industrial production techniques, ceramic material and technology knowledge are taught.

To raise individuals who are respectful to human values, have universal thoughts and values, can produce original artistic works, designs and information, and adopt modern, creative, free and lifelong learning as a principle.

It aims to be a respected and preferred educational institution at the national and international level with its creative activities in the field of fine arts and design, adapting to the changes and developments of its age, service to the society, education and research.

Being sensitive to human values and respecting differences
Having universal thoughts and values
To have love, respect and tolerance
Being honest and reliable
Aesthetic sensitivity
To be bound by ethical values
Being an idealist
To be open to cooperation
Team awareness
Social responsibility
Environmental awareness
Academic freedom

The general purpose of the Ceramic Department is to train professional designers, freelance producers and contemporary artist candidates for the ceramic industry, which has an important place in our country. Ceramic Department students have the opportunity to develop themselves in artistic, industrial and technological fields according to their preferences. While students who choose the artistic workspace continue their freelance work in the workshop environment, those who develop themselves in technology can find jobs in the ceramic industry in departments such as R&D Laboratory, Masse / Mud / Glaze Preparation. Students, who choose the industrial field, will dominate the fields such as model making, mold making, technical drawing, computer aided design, in the porcelain, vitrified and tile ceramic industry, in the areas such as Project Development, Design Application, Decor Design and Product Development, Designer, Modeler, Project Director, Design and Product Development Manager (Chief / Manager).